The shed

My poor wooden shed has been set alight and blown up far to many times and the floor is far too bouncy.Anything i drop is lost for ever! So i had a bit of a rush of cash (£500) and thought why not build a shed that is rather more non-flammable.Plus i can build in a forge. I mean look at the poor thing, sagging and old like i am now, but we can rebuild it make it stronger and better!.

It all has to come down! And al the junk has to come out and be stacked up under a plastic sheet. Ooops though the wall behind it is crumbling mix of granite and mud and in parts i can see through it. So keen and wanting to do the right thing i was forced to find out what i needed was lime mortar which lets it breath and isn't too hard for the mud so it wont crack. That's the Theory anyway. I was forced to go to Bodmin to the very nice people at the Cornish Lime company ( who take it all very seriously and advised me all sorts of things which i fairly instantly forgot. So i followed the national trust advice and did a one part lime one part cement and three parts sand mix and bought myself a groovy "pointing trowel"  Which was wholey useless as i ended up throwing the mortar at the wall to get it in the gaps! This is it half done.  And after a lot of digging the other pic is off the footings filled with hardcore and ready to get cement in them....i shifted tons of earth and discovered next doors sewer pipe (lucky without smashing it).

As of today that's the state of play ,no shed,but a big area of mud. Today i ordered 9 bags of cement and 18 bags of sharp sand and even managed to look like i knew what i was doing in the Builders merchant (at least they were to polite to laugh at my amateur efforts at appearing knowledgeable)  They get delivered tomorrow. All i have to do is wait in ,stop the buses and all the traffic in the main street and carry them through the house!