The Rose Bowl

 Here it is. The angel is al polished up and groovy, raised in the midsection so you can pour water in, with holes for rose stems.
 The rest of it, OK so its not a great pic but its raining again! The roses really stand out well.
So there its is, i ended up beating the op round the bowl and fixing it on, probably its supposed to be removable but the lip just sort of went on and getting it off would be destructive, so i left it. Works fine.....again it looks very non shiny but the petals are glittery silver and the background dark.


  1. Pretty bowl, Jon. Very interestin one. I admire.

    1. Thank you Angus, I think in the end it came out right, and i learned a lot, mostly i learned not to try to solder up holes in pewter with a gas torch!