Well its been quiet for some time now. Mainly because i have run out of pewter and can't afford any more, and its also been so cold here my quenching bucket has been frozen solid for almost two weeks. This is quite a shock in a place that counts its self unlucky to have a sharp frost let alone hard frozen ground.
Anyway luckily yesterday a person bought two bowls off Etsy, so today the wife spent a whole hour buying four discs of Pewter from the Pewter sheet company ( ) They both chatted away happily about everything and all things and eventualy ordered four 30cm X 1mm disks (which have gone up another fiver in price since September) They should arive before Christmas, so i will have things to do over the Holidays. Meanwhile have to think just what i'm going to bash into them.

The wife mentioned my hand bashing to the Pewter sheet guy, and he was surprised and mentioned that they do make machines for such things. To which the wife explained "He's and artist, they do things like this.....)

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