The new one on etsy

I know it smacks of self advertising, but haven't i given you enough already? Anyway i put a new bowl on Etsy ( ) Another pewter one this time, but with a twist, for me at least.
Ok so its not a total divergence but a slight technical one. Yes its pushed out rather than in. The problem with bowls is that the inner bit gets hidden if you put oranges or something in them, so i thought id do a Celtic frieze round a bowl and a design inside too. This took extensive use of number two hammer (now lost!) The turn of the bowl was hard to do and the "running dog" exceedingly irritating to draw but i think it came out fine...
You can see it bashed the now traditional Hares in the base. All this bashing made the rim go well wambly, which is sort of pleasing. A friend who saw it said "hay that looks like a real bowl"...which is fairly odd, i did ask what the others looked like then, a cauliflower?

 Its quite taxing doing finished bashing both inside and out, inside its a problem of room to swing a hammer, and out is a question of trying not to totally distend the bowl shape, at least not in a way i can't bash back...And it takes a lot of plasticine!

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