Do a windows search for jpg and what do i find!

That's my first hare bowl.... some... while ago. Before i knew about the top secret patina liquid. At the time i also thought shiny was good, maybe i had ideas of bling and glitz, oh how wrong can you be ah.

This is the very water tank it was cut out of. You can see its made to go in the bilges of a boat.

Oh look here's the bowl after i'd heated it and before i polished it. God knows what i was thinking then, but now i think it looks far better dark and with a patina than like a rap singers teeth.

I remember this one too, fairly plain  and round, i was trying to flame colour it. Seem's to be Ok here, not sure how its faired over the time since it was made though. I think i covered it in ghastly plastic varnish. In fact i'm not even sure where either bowl is. I think they were taken by a friend,and even now are in a Arts/antiques place in Exeter, but i'm not at all sure....careless i know.


  1. That's stunning. Do you have an online shop, aside from etsy?

  2. No, i'm a beginner at all this on-line selling malarky. Previously i've had a few bits and bobs off with a friend in Exeter Antiques centre. Or with the same friend (the small bits) in orbit round vintage clothes shows. I've also done the odd commission.