Copper bowl

Well wandering round the computer yesterday looking for stuff to delete i found some pics of the hare bowl being here they are.

Here's the basic tools, bit of copper, hammers punches and snips. grungy old bit of copper it is too! Re-cycling is always a dirty business.

That's me fairly early on hitting the thing with number two hammer. Number two hammer has unfortunately gone walk about in the mess i call a shed, one day it'll come back to me i'm sure. Oh, im hammering it on an old tree stump, mainly for a variety in wrist injury.

Hay after a few goes sits starting to go almost like a proper bowl! Notice the nifty fisherman's smock in wearing, hell it saves wearing real clothes ah. That's the trusty Wok of sand in the background, not sure why though.

That's me being all technical and using my cheepo gas torch to anneal the copper. And admire the pillar drill! Funny how you get things and then hardly ever use them ah...

Ah jumped ahead a bit but there it is lined out and bashed and all i've seen that pic im wondering where that step ladder came from..
Same thing cleaned up a bit and the edges rolled.

 Couple of hours latter and the addition of top secret patina solution all over...Then i just polish the hare part and leave the green bit green, though bit of green fall off anyway. That lovely colour fades a bit but it cant be helped.

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