Hammered hammer

At last the person i sent the thing to, got it, sent first class (ha!) on Monday i confidently expected it to get to her on the next day, it arrived today (Thursday) and she likes it so i can reveal its trifleness and smallness now...

I can tell your impressed. It was requested i make a Thor's hammer, a bit of goggling i found Thor's Hammers are sort of just Hammery and usually curved. So i took a bit of square bare curved, it then used that pillar drill to drill a 3mm hole through it. I should of course have drilled the hole then curved it but i didn't. Then i heated it up red hot and hammered it to shape (so it is indeed forged just like Thor's hammer) Being used to copper i quenched it and fully expected it to be cold after a quick dip. Iron isn't like that, it transmits heat far worse than copper so though the edges are cold, the hot centre soon heats it up again and you burn your finger tips.
I heated the shaft bit up red and hammered it smaller, a few times, as it got cold and i hit it and it sort of splits and goes a bit stringy, so i had to do it again. then i shoved it through the drilled hole. Got it red hot and peened over the protruding tip like it was a rivet. Flattened the end and drilled another hole for a chain. I thought it looked a bit to plain and wrapped the handle in soft iron wire, to hold it on i used some silvery looking hard solder. Annoyingly the silver looking solder has something coppery in it and though i wanted the whole thing silvery i think i overheated it and it shows up a bit coppery.
I used wet and dry paper to get the main grunge off then polished it with the drill. As you can see iron comes up like silver, but it wont stay that way long, i put some Renaissance Wax on to keep it bright for a time and told the customer that it woudl most probably go grey after a time, which will probably add to its character. That's my story anyway!

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