Oh dear, oh deary me...

Today i suffered a tragedy. My poor, long suffering electric drill fell off the bench and went straight in the bucket of water i keep handy....It wasn't on but it was plugged in, its now sitting next to the wood stove gently drying out, i hope it will survive. Without it i loose my ability to make small shiny things.. speaking of which...

That's about and inch tall all polished up and bright. The camera doesn't like focussing so near but you get the idea.

These are the first dresses i made in fact the big'un is the very first.
As you can see they do go brown even with a wax covering.

These are copper too , made the same way, only i painted them and stuck them on kilt pins, which had to be re-enforced to take the weight! As you can see i made shoes, pants, bras and Y-fronts. Quite why i don't know, i just did OK!
Currently, i made about 20 kilt pin things, they are off with a friend who hopes to sell them at vintage clothes fairs etc... we live in hope ah.

I forgot i made some handbags too. And the odd corset. The Barbie hands were all this began. Lacking any ideas i though about how to do less work and thought "Action man (GI Joe) " guns on broaches would be easy and cheap to do. Failing to find any however, i did find a few Barbies in charity shops, i tried using their shoes but they were too flimsy. I then used their hands! Then set about making shoes etc... so what i though would be easy turned out to be diabolically hard and labour intensive....sigh

And i have a box in the shed that looks like the toy box of a nascent serial killer.

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