Christmas is over...thankfuly!

Ghastly, not due to the season, mainly due to a house full of (we think) swine flu!...So Christmas dinner was whatever we had in the fridge, anyway on with the motley. Again i've accidentally made a couple of bowls.

Here is what i keep referring to as the "Fish bowl" which confused everyone i told. They all assumed i was making a round bowl meant to hold goldfish. As you can see its pewter, heavily worked, two fish in the bottom, four fish round the side...

Not much more to say really.

Oh there is one thing (looks down and shift the sand round with my foot)...i did sort of , bask it too hard, and ....i bashed a split in it. Just where the fish side meets the flat bottom. Of course my first reaction was to disguise it with the minimum of effort. I hit it again but only made it worse, eventually i decided to fix it properly with.. solder. Now modern Pewter is virtually soft solder in its self, so it melts at the same temperature. Which leads to exiting language in the shed. So this time i decided to get some "Low temperature solder" which is available at Carnmetals( which is in Pendeen, way down in darkest Cornwall beyond even St Just! As is usual it was lashing down with rain when we went to the cold dark shed and met the nice chap who runs it. And i bought a 100g of softer solder for £3 and one stick of special extra low melt, that virtually melted in my hand. Anyway i did fix it properly, not with a flame though that just produced pools of pewter from my practice bits, i made a curved soldering iron out of ... iron bar. Heated that, and melted the solder and spread it round the split. And you cant even see it now...

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