air hammer, and small bowls, but not at the same time.

This machine is an air compressor. Not mine but one day i idly commented i wouldn't mind having a go with one, and an air hammer. A dangerous thing round some people i know. yes he had one and i could use it, initially at my shed but i pointed out the dammed thing is huge and heavy, so i volunteered to use it round his shed/workshop.  This thing would be great if you wanted to rivet up a ship but its old cranky and i'm pretty sure its supposed to use oil in its lines, though the owner denied all knowledge of oil and its use. Notice also the use of two tobacco tins as air filters!

Here's the air hammer and the poor bit of copper i tried it on. It had a rudimentary flat chisel in it , far to small and far to rough for what i might need but it gave me the idea. He originally used it for making 200 large copper nails. He repairs wooden boats etc. Impressions are, it not as noisy as i expected, it jumps like a very jumpy thing, its stoke is very short and its easy to work harden the copper to the point of tearing it. Interesting experiment, but hand hammering is where its at!

Here's one of the small bowls i made about 6 to 5 inches across...made i must add entirely by hand.

another one, tattoo inspired again...


last one... its hard to get em even this round!

This is one of the three hens that live in our tiny garden, well they actually live in our garden and next doors too, but he likes hens...She just decided to get in the way of me taking the above pics...thing about hens is, they are dim but endearing, and are convinced that you have the best food where ever you are, so they tend to follow me round and try their best to get in the shed and then eat all sorts of unsuitable things.

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