car fixed, more copper bashing...

The car is fixed, and it was what i thought it was, gear box bearing broken up.. anyway its fixed now.
Here is the mask again, a little more bashed, when doing this sort of tortured copper work i feel its important to make sure its well softened at all times, also it gives me a rest!

MR BLOBY!, sort of looks like a face looming out of fog. That's my thumb there, the wife says its deformed but it a family thumb i call it evolved!

From the back it looks less deep, but you can see how difficult it is the tell just how much hammer to give it.

Now i've cut it out to get rid of the excess. Notice i heat it on the rail line anvil, but balanced on some bits of heat proof and insulating board. Otherwise it takes and age to get red hot as the rail leeches the heat away quickly.

Hummm, i'm not sure its finished yet but its looking good i think. Its here in the house now while i contemplate what to do with it.

And on to the other sheet, i set out four six inch squares (ish) and punched each centre so i could scribe with my dividers six inch circles.

Cut out, i showed the partially cut out circles to the wife but she vetoed my idea of bashing out a pair of comedy breasts....everyone's a critic ah.

Here's one of the bowls, it really hard to get small bowls round i find. Especial with this thick stuff to work with. I'm doing some tattoo inspired designs on these.

I rather like the old school tats. Hearts flowers and daggers!

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