Ok so i bashed out the main bowl a few days ago. Here i've resolved the design to a ring of dafs, more and it got too confusing, less and it looked bare.

Lined out from the front, still looking good i think...

 Now bashed from the back, oh dear the dafs seem to have swollen like a badly hit thumb! So i had to re-bash them down and sculpt the flowers. Its unusual for me to do overlapping things (i realise why now) It takes some thought as to what's in front of what, especially from the back and the wrong way round.
Now polished it looks pretty good i think. And even round too , what more could i want!.

I just have to add this pic, the cherry trees at the top of the industrial estate where i got the copper, it SPRING! These tree put on a lovely show for about four days every year, who ever planted them was inspired.

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