Pin Up i feel usless now.

Here she is, partially lined out, i try to use the biggest chisels i can, no sense fiddling about ah...

Notice my mega Cardoon plant, coming along nicely this spring and set to exceed it usual eight foot of greenness, its part of my "inappropriately planted plants" system of gardening.(a Cardoon is a sort of mega thistle that used ot be planted to eat the fleshy leaf stems.)

 Chased and given a dose of vinegar and salt on a wire wool pad....I quite liked it at this point, though the wife pointed out she was showing a bit too much "flange"... but pin ups are supposed to be sexy aren't they?
Here she is again heated and left to go a bit darker to show up things.....hum was that a good i dear i wonder? Here it is from the back too, what i do is to let it go black then roughly scrub it off so the raised lines on the back show up well before hammering it out. It was soon after that i realised it was going a bit "pete tong" the design just didn't work and the face looked like the poor girl had had a really bad face day......

So this morning after trying to save it, i just got fed up with  it and hammered it out....Hard work, as i have to really hammer hard to flow the copper back into the lines, even then some shadow of its former self remains... As you can see its a pretty brutal process...dam, it was  step too far, at least for my patience..bugger!

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