Ok so not quite the next day but close!

A teaser, this is it from the back, for a change i decided to clean up the back to make it all shiny. Usually it will oxidise in a few days but as it was going to be delivered within hours i made it shine.

There it is in all its glory. I think it came out quite well. At least people who saw it could see it was a flying tractor and even read the letters at the bottom. It got put on the wedding present table without a note so even now maybe the happy couple are wondering who the hell gave them a bit of old water tank.

One of three pics i took at the wedding on me phone, i was going to take pics with our nice new camera but... well that's a tragic story to be told another time.

This is the Tumulus , with ring of flowers flags, drummers and that lady is the person who officiated...here she is lecturing us all on what to do/shout/sing etc. Right in the background is the official photographer who wore a fetching ankle length pink tartan skirt, trilby and beard....Behind me was a seven foot rasta, black suit, bowler hat and curious "camberwell carrot" cigarettes.

I very much feared a show of "circus skills " might break out at any time, but we were lucky and none occurred while we were there.
While im at it i bought a new set of letter punches. You may remember i lost the letter E on the last set which made things rather difficult to punch. Especially Jon Of Penryn! This cost me a tenner and is marked Rolson quality tools, which is a laugh, Rolson is no where near quality and arguable not  really tools, but it will work ok for me until i loose another letter, but then maybe i can punch using both sets. Making the punches words look rather like a 1970's ransom note...

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