The ring O'doom (no idea why this post isnt showing right out in the open, maybe its shy, click on it and its got pictures and everything)

 So I was very worried about the whole plot either pinging apart,as both soft and medium solders melted, or just plain melting under the attention of my gas torch. So it put the top bit on the cold mass of the bit of railway track. Worked too, no one was more surprised than me. I knew I was working at the very limits of my brain for doing delicate stuff.......
 So here it is all joined together.  I also had to heavily grind down the ring bit, it was well rough from being partial melted! Silver solder flows well though, as longs as you use the super special (and not cheap) flux, which I suspect is borax.

                                                                                                                                            Here  it is all shiny  , amazingly what wet and dry can do. I glued the stone in with some glue I got from Asda, just one pack glue as the gallery really
holds it in, well sort of, once I battered the teeth bit down round it with a soft bit of wood....
 Here it is in all its glory. Sort of worked enough to be not too embarrassing.  I presented it to the mother in a rapturous. ...."Oh, OK..." and being put on the table apparently ignored..Oh well such is the nature of mother in laws. Especially 90 year old ones. I did learn a few things, don't make rings for one, silver melts easy, opals are soft and easy to scuff. .and basically jewellery making is for the birds.


  1. Hay Angus, no I didn't get washed away, sensibly for rain,we live up a hill, though it means every walk ends in an uphill drag...anyway how are you doing? Still bashing?