More ring piece

First thought was, make the silver shank soft. I'm used to copper, but apparently silver is slightly different, get it red hot and let it cool down,rather than quench it. However I found my torch is more suited to melting roof  pitch than delicate work and it sort of melted the surface so it looked like tree bark!  This tipped even me off that I was rather out of my depth. So I consulted with a local jeweler. This confirmed I was indeed in deep water. So off to Kernowcraft for supplies again.

This is the shank on a nifty soldering block they sold me
The nice girl also sold me two differing silver solders, I had thought my usual brazing rod would do, but heat wise,the silver would melt. Two solders one melts also a lower temperature  so in theory the shank could be fixed then the gallery then the two united. ..good theory ah.
This is the gallery attached to the base of silver,see how big t.he stone is!


  1. Old lady will be happy seing ready ring. I'm sure.

  2. She told someone else it was lovely, but she is of the old sort,never compliments you to your face.