Untidy mind.

 A rush of cash lead me to buy one of them newfangled tablet things,which can only lead to trouble. Anyway it took this picture so it spirit of experimentation here it is. Notice how horribly untidy the room is. How cute my feet are and all the various cap I've made hangs road like a bad smell. Things I've made , the robot marionette, the brocade teddy bear (wearing a copper spiked dog collar I made), hybrid barbie/scorpion (barely visible on to the marionette control), bird topped pegs around a bowl etc.....Oh and I see a hurdygirdy behind the coal scuttle. I didn't make the tuba,that was found in Oxfam for £39, I just couldn't resist it.... oh and a Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, Sherlock Holmes film on telly...

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