Today I have mostly been in Constantine, near Gweek. Doing an art show thing. Despite my usual died of such things I enjoyed it,tea on tap a good friend (Rose) to chat to and interesting people passing by. I even sold a couple of things, which is quite frankly a shock. Met a person who sews great things worth looking up ! As well as a lady wrangling some kids, it could have been only one, but it appeared to be more, who used to do Blacksmithing. Interesting she preferred "stick" welding to Mig (I soon want a mig!) .... though I know myself well enough to know, I want really to mess about with a mig welder for about a day......then sort of wonder what I needed one for.
I did take pics but..last week I lent the camera to a tech savy sixteen year old, to take pics of me masquerading as a rock star for his Rock magazine media studies project. Yes really! And he changed all the settings and for the life of I couldn't get any non fuzzy pics until the battery's ran out. I will try again tomorrow.

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