Christmas day report.

Ok so its boxing day but i thought id write a little report on the "great day" .. well we got up, started eating chocolate as soon as our feet hit the ground as is traditional. Not wanting to wait too long we then opened all presents! The lad got a phone from grandma (well mainly from grandma and us supplying a small amount) and i got about four multitools, i usually get a pen knife or hammer, obviously i'm hard to buy for. This year though they excelled themselves
and found a multi tool with a hammer attached! Neat ah and probably not a lot of use but it shows willing...ok so then we warped back up the phone and commenced walking the three miles to grandmas.
Nice bright day though it did rain on us a bit. I insisted we decant two small bottles of Sloe gin "in case we bumped into anyone we knew" to some eye rolling. We walked up the back lanes the main road was surprisingly busy. (way back a few years ago grandma had been rushed to hospital and we had set out on boxing day to walk to the hospital 14 miles each way! only some kind soul gave us a lift there, and another stopped and gave us a lift home!) anyway we trudged happily and we did indeed bump into a friend, in fact the friend who lives in a caravan in the very field the sloes were gathered from. He was cycling to go swimming in the sea, which to us is nuts, but is his normal day things. Anyway we got to grandmas, we were welcomed in with, "come in then" crackers and cheese (not really safe to eat much else there) and made a thing out of exchanging the presents, the lad acted very pleased, the wife showed off some shoes she got weeks ago for xmas....and me, the person who ferries her round, runs around collecting pills at a moments notice, the one who takes her out Saturdays and shopping every week... a demisting pad...for a car i don't have any more..thanks a bunch.
The walk back was nice, saw the odd daffodil flowering very early in a field, amazing amount of camellias are out too.

To me though the real sight and smell of Christmas is Butterbur, the odd wild flower that delights in flowering on the most nasty dirt and cold days, sending out a warm spicy perfume.

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