I've been thinking on a new bowl idea,but all that has come to a rather shuddering halt due to circumstances. The mother in law, 90 and rather frail expressed and interested in going to the Eden Project (Basically some huge geodesic domes full off plants in a big ex - China clay pit) This is quite an expedition in our tiny plastic car, but the very recent £275 it cost to haul it up to MOT standard gave me confidence. So me,the wife,grandma and the 14 year old lad squashed in and set off, and we very nearly made it. You turn off the main-ish road onto a road that goes only to the domes. Rounding a corner I saw a guy with a dog...Then A dog about a foot of the front of the car then the bonnet coming up to hit the screen,an awful bang.....I was going under 30 and I'd hit a dog square on. A golden ladrador.  Came to a stop lept out fully expecting the car to be covered in dog but no, it was sat on the grass next to its owner wagging it's tail.....The damage? The car is basically write off, bonnet,both wings,front bumper and the front engine support all mangled,radiator leaking too.  No one hurt ,though I've got a nasty crack on my shim,the old dear ...not bothered, stoic as an Easter Island statue. She ended up being taken to the domes in the dog walkers car with the lad,who pushed her round (and carers get in free!) While I walked up and down the verge feeling sick,the wife did battle with a quite frankly unhelpful insurance company on the phone.....so I'm rather distracted right now.
I found a bit of "police do not cross" tape right on the spot we hit and opposite was a wreath, looks like we weren't the first but possibly the luckiest. .......

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