murderers gloves

I'm so dim really' for years i've just bashed stuff scrubbed my hands and suffered them being sore, black and stinking of vinegar etc.I even laid the blocks on my shed with mostly bear hands. Its only just occurred
to me i could wear gloves. In fact Screwfix do a range of very cheep ones(. Of course they do cool black ones. I paid about £2 for them, i chose cloth covered in latex reasoning if i touched anything hot, they would at least no melt right onto my fingers. My lad, immediately he saw them' dubbed then "murderers gloves" that had a hint of Darth Vader about them.
 Of course i often forget to wear them at all or on one occasion i did pick up a hot bowl caused them to melt a bit (and cause an awful stink).

Ones i have found really useful are the disposable Nitrile gloves (the blue ones) they come in 100 glove boxes. Great for dabbling in vineger or fixing the car (though grease and oil rapidly degrades them)..

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