hammering this one,days raising the sides up further than I thought I could,then hours giving it a nice even hammer texture. Hours neatly turning the beaded edge. Of course I wasn't  satisfied with a handsom on bowl, and I decided to experiment. I decided I wanted to sink three glass marbles in the base to make it stand up well. Not only that but I decided that the ever present problem of supporting the copper as it's bashed might be solved using potters clay. Which is cheep (£6 for a big lump at a potters supply place) and I found out....messy and totally unsuitable. Anyway I filled her up and went to bashing. The sad result you can see here. A normal person might stop when one went wrong,or maybe two, but I plunged on undaunted by reality and went straight ahead and made three damgmed great holes it it. Not even neat holes but great tears.  I've been wondering just how to fix it for a few months, solder won't work , patch might or rivets. Meanwhile I used it to display the pegs at the art show...even as I type it's in the room looking at me with reproach,  it says you did this to me, you fix me......creepy it is.

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