Inked rats!

 The small bowl, now after a bit of head scratching, is all inked up, with the ASDA imitation sharpie. (Real sharpies are too good its hard enough to get the ASDA ones off but the real ones i had to burn off with the gas torch) As you can see its two cuddled up rats with tails that sort of take off into a Celtic border. I hope to line it out from the front tomorrow and fill it with plasticine and bash it from the back . Its interesting, requiring more modelling than i usually do but im confident that it'll look good now i've sorted out in my head how its going to go...


  1. This is interesting metal work - I am an enameller working with copper and glass at high temperatures. I actively seek the oxides copper gives up at various temperatures.
    I found this page by sheer accident following a misspelled web address.

  2. Well hello. Sometimes the net throws up interesting things despite what we look for. My own sad attempts at enamelling are hampered by lack of a kiln or really any proper enamels. My experience with copper oxides is that they look good but are ultimately fugitive. Glad you find it interesting. One day i hope to get set up for enamels, at the moment though patiantion is my limit until funds increase!