ravens, plasticine and wirewool

Here it is inked up and ready for hammer treatment. Notice the posh hammer too, that cost five quid! The chisel if a standard small thing, meant for hacking off rusted nuts etc I rounded it off a bit, after all i don't want it to cut the copper, and gave it a bit of "rocker" or gave it a bit of a radioused so when hit it sort of wants to move along the line. See the new hammer, ever the prima donna trying to get in the pic...

You can just see the back is covered in plasticine to help give it some support. Here i've lined out the lower feathery bits

All lined out from the front now, i annealed it again to make sure it didn't tear and to make it black so it shows up the lines on the back.

The back which at this stage looks better than the front, that will change, fingers crossed ah.

The front looks...sort of deformed, but now its due to be punched back down. The centre especially. The hammered finish is looking exceptionally good i think, and i'm endeavouring to preserve it as much as i can on the final piece.I'm pleased with it, it'll looked nice when its all polished up .

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