Someone was chatting to me about this metal the other day, the idea fermented and eventually turned into desire when i found out its fairly ductile/or not and its hard/or not, depending on who you ask. I decided the only real way to find out was by the traditional experimental method of hitting it with a big hammer. I toyed with the idea of sheet Ti but that's expensive. but they do make posh Ti camping plates. Its light and fairly indestructible. I found the cheapest way to by Ti was on the net, and it was £15. Here it is, little suspecting what was next.

This is the real reason i was interested in Ti. It flame colours to beautiful blues and reds.
And the colours are persistent, unlike copper. In fact they are far to persistent. If you over cook it it goes brown, and stays brown....which is a problem. Wire wool makes no difference, scourers even wet and dry paper hardly effects it. Reading round the subject apparently Hydrophloric acid will clean it off, unfortunately it will also eat through glass, skin and hardly pause at bone, i don't think i shall be using that. So pluses, lovely colours, maybe able to chase a design into it... minus side, hard as hell, and not easy to rescue mistakes...

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