Raven, rats and man flu.

I have man flu, we really suffer you know, no one would know i was ill if i didn't constantly tell them..

Here what i used to beat the centre of the new Raven bowl back into submission, brutal but effective. I notice to the white jar of borax in the background, i've been looking for that!

Bright bowl after a lot of wire wool , vinegar and salt. Touch of "bar keeps secret" brass polish too, it pays to wash that off a bit after as its apt to carry on working.

Here it is again but i painted some black patina solution on to see if it accentuated the marks, it did. The Patina solution is meant for leaded windows, but i use it for pewter usually and i wondered if it would work on copper. It does, but maybe flame darkening is better..

So it tried it green too with my "super secret patina solution". It sure went green! Its effect on raw new copper is good, sealed up with Renaissance wax it looks darker though.

This is the 7" rat bowl. Came out rather nice  i think.

Rather random i know but for reasons of delirium from man flu i decided to heat one of my tools to red hot and see if i could twist it. I can! with a vice and pliers. I think making the tools look nice is good, sort of lets them know you appreciate them...


  1. Your rats look familiar... inspired by this, perhaps?

  2. No dam it, i wish i had seen that though, cos its better than my own drawing!....